Hairloss Oils For Men And Woman, Works Better For Woman....


My Regimen
Hi ladies I discovered these Hairloss oils by the thread posted in 2012. I am a male who has been using their oils and shampoo alongside men’s Hairloss treatments. I believe these have helped me a lot and my hair has grown back great.

I have recommended these to my female colleagues at work who have thinning Hairloss and they seem to have had better results and they are not using any other treatments like minoxidil. I use a 1mm derma roller and sometimes a derma stamp 1mm depending if my hair is long. I also told my female work colleague who had better results when using the 1mm derma roller and than applying the oils over night.

I hope this will help someone, the only downside on their products is their stupid glass bottle with the oils as I nearly broke this in the sink. The shampoo bottle is fantastic as this is plastic.



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