hair transplant results after 7 months, desperate for professional opinions


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I want to share my results after 7 months and half from the transplant. I don't know what to think really, this is the story:

On the 19th september 2022 I went to Istanbul for an hair transplant, I have been promised 3500/4000 fue, on my forehead and crown. But I have no way to understand how much I actually got, and I believe I didn't get the density that was initially promised.
I first met a doctor in their studio, with a reassuring manner and knowledge, I quickly liked him and the team and decided to go with them. On the day of the operation, surprisingly the doctor was not present, he wasn't the one who operated me. I got the transplant done by 2 young asian ladies.
See the foto of the right side, before/after ,the vein in my forehead marked in yellow? the new hair are missing if we compare it to the implanted bulbs from. Same goes from the front : new hair grew in the front, but a cm back there is no density. So if we would have to look at a constant improvement, then the issue is that in some part the new hair are fully developed but 1cm back , there's empty space, no density... so if nothing came up in 7 months where the cyan arrow point, do you think new hair can develop so late after the operation? I can just hope so ...

After 7 months, I see general lack density, the main part was the forehead and I'm not satisfied. In the crown area, even worse, it seems as if nothing has been implanted.
The post operation customer service is carried on via whatsapp, clearly not by a doctor but a middle person who answers in a condescending way, telling me just to wait. After 6 months I asked a direct question " can you confirm I still have not reached the desired density? " and the customer service avoided giving me a straight answer, they said: "The hair growth process is going according to plan. The density of the hair and the result is good. " But I think it is not.
They told me that full results will be seen after 1 year to 14 months.

Can someone give me a knowledgeably opinion about my hair situation?
thanks a million!


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I didn't see any difference in density from 6 months to a year, but everyone's different.