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Hair Thinning On Ritalin!! Concern Or Not?

Discussion in 'Shedding Shedding Shedding' started by YMN-007, Sep 24, 2019.

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    Sep 24, 2019
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    First 2 pictures: while im not on ritalin, al tough 2nd picture i was on it, but somehow it didnt affect it that much(probably nutritition idk?)

    3rd/4th/5thpicture: every time 30/1hour after taking a dosage of 5 mg ritalin. I always notice my hair thinning all over my head, but my hairline most of the time stays the same, although I also notice some thinning on my hairline

    Is this a concern or not? Is it due stress,malnutrition,...? Remember that all 5 pictures are taken the same week.
    I espially worry for the 3rd and 5th picture.

    What can I do against it? Taking some multivitamins?eat more food while im on the meds? I am trying to cut, that might play a reason why im experience this and I have exams to do, I experience a lot of stress/anxiety already exacerbate by ritalin.

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