Hair Problems Of A 1 Year Old Baby Girl...

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My baby girl is 1 year old.. She was born with lovely hair but in our tradition we need to shave baby hair. After that the hair that grew was very thin.. And her scalp was always sweating and fell ill. So we clean shaved her hair again. We heard somewhere that this way she won't sweat and also have thicker hair..

After shaving at night i mistakenly put baby powder on her head.. As her hair was rubbing against the pillow. And was uncomfortable for her. It was my biggest mistake!

The next morning she woke up with tiny bumps.. All over her head. I got scared. And googled about it.. And it said it might be ingrowth of hair due to clogged pores from the baby powder. So me and my husband used hot compress on the hair.. Luckily all the pores opened and all the hair came out. Ohh it was such a relief!

But after few days we started to notice she now has even less hair.. There are hair follicles but noo hair from those follicles. And some follicles have just a sight of black dot(hair). All the other hair that grew are now more than an inch long.

We r getting really worried.. And totally out of idea what should we do. Should we talk to her doctor? Or its just natural, the hair will come out with time. Or mayb her hair isnt getting enough nutrition for all of them to grow evenly? Please look after the pic.. What should be done?


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