Hair loss in patches


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I am a 20 year old male and my I have started losing my hair in patches.
Thought it was stress at first but now I'm pretty sure that it's Alopecia Areata. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated


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Well first of all welcome to the board. Just thought I would point out that you are more likely to get more responses posting these questions in the "general" section instead. I believe the admins prefer it that way as well.

As for your question, everyone balds differently. I believe they actually classify people who are balding in types. Some can have a receding hairline, others may having balding in thinning large/small patches in the front and back of the head. Many people have a combination of both. Receding hairlines are a dead give away of male pattern baldness, people who have strictly diffused thinning patches(especially in untypical balding areas) may suffer from temporary hair loss. The thin patches you are suffering may be from a general diffused thinning of areas around your head that could be from Male Pattern Baldness. Or what you have could be a temporary hairloss caused by extreme stress, poor dieting or other factors that could cause a temporary hair shed.

Professional hairloss doctors, Dermatologists, would be your best choice to examine your hairloss and give you their examination. If you have photos of your hairloss, you might try posting them online and many of the posters here are about as "expert" as any doctor on discovering someone's hairloss. Some posters here have been able to detect starting hairloss on certain celebraties that I or 95% of other people would not have noticed.


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You have what is known as Alopecia Areata.

Please type this into Google and you will get a lot of information on your particular condition as well as how to treat it. This forum typically addresses guys with male pattern baldness, however there are several sites for AA out there that should be a big help for you. One to check out is