Hair Loss 5 year old girl


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My daughter is 5. She has male pattern baldness. It started a year ago. Her hair is now gone on the temples (and only grows back in these little wispy hairs). I have now noticed that on her hair line above her eyebrows is starting to fall out, and only grow back with short wispy hair. She has beautiful hair everywhere else - but the hair loss is getting worse. I have been giving her powdered silica...but need more help! Thank you.


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My 6 year old daughter developed exactly the same hairloss pattern. It's been four months now and keeps getting worse. She looks like a plucked chicken actually. You posted ur post a year ago and I am wondering if you ever found out the cause and if the hairloss resolved. I would appreciate any help.

Sarah M

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I'm dealing with what I fear might be Androgenetic Alopecia as well with my 7.5 year old and would love to hear how you came to that diagnosis and what progress has been made.