Graft and light trauma on the head: a loSS?


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Hello I just had 1000 gft in FUE transplant yesterday. Arrived in the taxi, a little muddy during the day, I enter in the back and shift to the left from the inside, and the top of my head has "rubbed" the roof of the taxi (a great classic when you moves in a car while measuring 1.85m). I have been operated on on long hair so do these protect the underlying grafts? During the whole trip I had a tingling sensation on the area which rubbed (superficial friction of a second). Could this fact have damaged grafts? There was no trace on the inside roof of the taxi. After the first night, the bandage came back up a little and ended up on the grafts in the right lateral area. I lowered it slowly this morning. Again I don't know there is a slightly coagulated point, these are grafts torn off or just a little runoff in connection with the hydration by sprayer which made some blood slide / coagulate? I send you the photos Serious, reasoned and benevolent answers please, Thank you in advance for your help because stress!