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hi all, I’d really like some feedback from the resident experts on my crown and how many grafts it looks like it would need. so I can start to put together a plan for a hair transplant. I’ve been taking finasteride for nearly 6 months and no real improvement as yet (plan is to wait a year and then begin some minoxidil to see if I get growth). but I want to start planning ahead so I can start researching.

Also, a rough Norwood guess based on my temples would be good please.

last 2 pics to try show donor area. Excuse crazy hair, not had a haircut since lockdown!


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Hi, you probably don't want to hear this but your hair is very good, with great donor area and barely any loss to fix. I'm not sure what you think a hair transplant will accomplish, but there are 100 ways they can fuk up your hairline and crown, vs the way it looks now being very good.

The problem for you is for example the crown. If they put in 500 grafts in that area, they would probably kill off 250 of the existing grafts because it is already dense in most areas. On you temples you have to have an expert place single grafts in the right orientation to make it look natural, and not many inexpensive hair transplant doctors can do that. I would wait at least 6 more months to see if the hairloss has stopped, and then reconsider.


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Thanks for taking the time to reply. I do still have a good head of hair for 36 and I am grateful for that. I will stay the course with the treatments and see how I react to minoxidil after a year of finasteride and maybe revisit all this later on.
I had read about shock loss and can see that my crown might be difficult to work with for now given there’s some decent hair there.
Ideally If this is my end result after a year then I was hoping a hair transplant would still be an option to me as deep down I’m genuinely unhappy because of my hair and if I can pay to get it fixed, it’s a small price to pay just to feel myself again.