For those in the UK, where do you get your oral minoxidil from? Also have a question for the sublingual version.


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Need a good supplier in the UK to get oral minoxidil from. Ideally would prefer the sublingual version but I think that's only available from Dr. Sinclair in Australia so the oral tablets would be the next best thing.

What's a good reliable source for tablets. I want to start at 1.25 mg then move up to 2.5 so I would prefer buying 2.5mg tablets which can easily be split in half.

Also, a pharmacy I contacted said that I can take their capsules sublingually. I would open the capsules and pour the contents underneath my tongue. Is this safe? They said they would supply me with 1.25 mg capsules so after a week or two could I take two capsules to up my dosage to 2.5 mg?