Finastride+Minoxidil worked for 1.5 years, but have reversed to baseline in last two weeks


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So I have been using Finasteride+5%Minoxidil for the past 18 months. I saw amazing results from the two, including regrowth all over my scalp. It was all going great till 2 weeks ago, when I started experiencing a shed. I have had these sheds before (usually lasts 10-12 days), but this time it seems like I have lost substantial amount of the progress I had made.

Anyone with a similar experience, and will I gain back the lost hairs.


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Your hair cycle tends to get synchronised when on treatments with all hairs shedding at the same time/ growing. I still have shedding phases and varying hair quality throughout the year.

On the other hand 1.5years sounds about the time when minoxidil results tend to tail off. Same thing happened to me where i slowly lost the initial regrowth treatments gave me. However my hair still remained above baseline.


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Check and see if the brand was switched up by the pharmacy on you. If you still have your older medicine bottles, look for the MFG name. I experienced some shedding when they went from Dr. Reddy brand to ACCORD.