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Finasteride The Roller Coaster Ride

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants Information - General Discussions' started by Calikid, May 23, 2018.

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    I'm 3 months, 3 weeks into finasteride and 7 months into rogaine. I cant tell if my hair is getting better or worse. Some days it looks fuller then it once did and some days a lot thinner it just all depends. My shedding is interesting. I take a shower twice a day but I never run my hands through my hair, just stick my head under the shower head, unless I am shampooing(which I do every 2/3 days with nizoral). I lightly damp with a towel when done and let dry without touching. So i don't really see any hair falling out for the most part. However, when I shampoo and condition my hair its another story. Between showering, drying and styling my hair in the morning, I must see 50 plus healthy thick hairs falling out or on my hands (just the morning). Not sure what else I can do/ add to stop this shedding. Anyone add anything to their regiment that helped?

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