Finasteride, Minoxidil, 1mm Derma Roll Success


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I have been on finasteride for around 1.5 years, minoxidil 10 weeks and derma roll once a week for the last month, I am pleased to inform you all that since starting the minoxidil and derma i have 100% seen darkening and thickening of my hairline. Do not give up on the process as it definitely works even in the temples if they have not been thinning for very long.


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Can you describe your method of rolling and what length needle you use? Do you wound, or roll lightly? Also, are you applying minoxidil once or twice a day, and have you ever used it before? I ask all this because if you are a first-time minoxidil user, it could be very likely that you are responding well to minoxidil after 2 months, and would have done so without the roller.