Eyelash Transplant - Experiences And Recommendations?


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has anyone had an eyelash transplant?
I would love to hear about some experiences and get some reccomemdations.


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Like all other women, I am a very beauty conscious lady who likes to stay on top of her exotic appearance. Although I look after my body with regular care, one aspect is always on top of my priority list - eyelashes & eyebrows. Recently I do an eyelash transplant and it looks very beautiful on my face. Some people say eyelash transplants ruin your real eyelashes but that's is not true.
Some factors are considered for that:

1.Eyelash extensions applied properly by a certified technician will not ruin your natural lashes. Every client has different lashes. Your natural lashes will dictate the length and weight of extensions chosen to achieve your desired look.

2.Moreover, aftercare plays a very important role in the health of your natural lashes.