Experiences wearing a full-cap system?


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I permanently lost nearly all of my hair due to cancer treatment. I am in my early 30s and I had a lot of hair before the treatment but some chemotherapies can cause this unfortunately, probably because they destroy hair stem-cells as a side effect. This happened some years ago but it is a constant reminder of my illness so I have started looking for a hair replacement system that I can wear 24/7. I am a man so my doctors don't really understand my problem but I don't like the way I look now. Would be interested to hear from people wearing a full-cap all of the time. My scalp is quite vulnerable so perhaps it is not even an option. If I cannot wear it 24/7 it would not work for me because it would take away so much from the experience; I would just like to take it off maybe 1-2 times a week to clean the scalp and system.

I was wondering if there are any men or women out there that have experience and recommendations with such full-cap systems? Anyone have experience with the Air Skin system by Milan?

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Well, I have worn 24/7 since 1982, with custom full cap wigs for last 16 years. They're great and easy to wear, no restrictions, I run, swim, do gym. I spend a lot of time in SEAsia (pre Covid) and never had a problem despite high humidity, typhoons, heat, etc.

My wigs are all french lace 1B with 3 inch sws blond front that I dye myself. I use wide 1.5 inch Walkers no shine tape and they are rock solid. Change tape every 5 to 7 days. I cut my wigs in myself and do any fine shaping to the hairline, temples, sides, etc.if needed. They suit longer styles better, you can't go too short at the sides or back.

For suppliers, I recommend Eric at NWL and Jeffrey at Coolpiece. No need for templates, just supply the bespoke measurements. Usually get 4 to 6 months wear from a wig. But right now there's no supply of custom full lace wigs due to Covid.