Exercise And Male Pattern Baldness Study


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This is stupid as hell because most men do low-intensity, hour long workouts because that's how you build muscle.


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According to this study, there is an apparent association between exercise and alopecia. However, as of the result of an observational study, it cannot be confirmed that alopecia or exercise preceded the other. Therefore, the results of our study do not demonstrate causality between exercise and alopecia.

Case closed.



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correlation does not mean causation.

Exactly. So many "scientific" articles like this were just a waste of time and money for those involved. Not only that, but it just spreads false information. You can find thousands or millions of false relationships in statistics if you look for them, but it doesnt mean it actually means anything.
Now we get a hundred thousand new threads asking if exercise causes male pattern baldness to get worse
Also I just want to throw this out there. I am not convinced on how large the role is of non-genetic factors in male pattern baldness. I think that evidence is so flimsy so far its barely worth noting. A few twin studies does not convince me that male pattern baldness is controlled by environmental factors
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There is a lot of growing studies that show high intensity interval training is (if your healthy enough to do it) very beneficial but for many things including activity in the cell. This won't probably keep your hair lol but there could be a correlation.