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I believe number 5 is from those researchers that made hair follicles from stem cells (on rats though)
The question for them would be if they plan to start clinical trials soon? Some time back Sanford-Burnham got some major funding however the sceptic in me is thinking that they are still in preclinical work.

I am also curious about this


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Hey Guys,

I have just come back from the second day of the congress.
Unfortunately there is nothing to be excited for.

I recorded a lot of things today but only Hoffmann's presentation (from Replicel) is related to us (+ presentation about enchanting minoxidil)

Today I have seen a lot of pictures of AA patients who regrew 100% of hair with JAKs, but even after such a success they said that studies are early and final product is still years away. That is very discouraging because we haven't even seen 1 photo of Androgenetic Alopecia reversal (so Androgenetic Alopecia progress is behind AA)

Unfortunately Dr. Hoffmann didn't agree on interview. He said that without CEO he can't give interviews. He said that last time he gave interview was in Miami with Buckler (CEO). He said that this kind of interviews are often misleading and people on forums are very emotional.

But he answered some of my questions (without recording) and I will post them later.

Also I got audio interview from Dr. Eddy Wang. He is super cool guy. We talked about JAKs.

Unfortunately I couldn't find neither Higgins nor members of Terskikh's team. I will try to find them tomorrow :D (they have presentations).

Please someone inform Admin to create page (like World Hair Congress) and I will post presentations and interviews there on Monday/Tuesday


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Brilliant, 2 days gone and there is nothing to be cheerful about :mad:. Seriously, I do not understand this slow development, it is a 7-10 bn $ market FFS with more and more guys going bald in early twenties. I really hoped for some good news about Replicel/Shiseido.


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Dr. Eddy Wang just came to me and asked not to post his intrerview :( what should I do? I can write short summery of our talk


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Hey @Admin please create a new page (like World Hair Congress). I have some stuff to upload/post for tomorrow and I don't wont them to disappear here.
You can make separate page for hair congresses and every year some of us can post there some videos.