Dutasteride Success thread


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What is your reasoning to dropping down to one dutasteride a week?

And if you don't mind me asking, what is your entire hair loss regimen?


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My reasoning was that I was on both dutasteride and finasteride and felt it was too much so I adjusted my regimine. Just click on the "view my regimine" tab at the bottom of my post and I have it all listed there.


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Hey all! I just wanted to give you an update and some hope! I started this thread back in late 08 because I knew that Avodart would work, I just had a feeling.

I'm a 22 year old male, started noticing hair loss in 2005, advanced somewhat in 2006 to a NW2-2.5. I started treating with Avodart .5mg daily in August 6, 2008. I used minoxidil .5% for a 3 months but stopped in December of 08.

Now its March 8th, 2009. 7 months on Avodart.

I have had SUBSTANTIAL SUCCESS!! I went from loosing about 130 hairs/day in the shower to about 10, AT BEST. I started to notice some hairs regrowing on my hairline. I'm still a NW2-2.5, but the thinning has stopped and has stopped for about 3 months now.

I have also noticed that my hair seems thicker now than before.

I came to these boards discouraged and now I feel so pumped. Even though this may not last forever, at least I'm having some success and putting off the hair loss for a few more years.

I will update you after 1 year. Just wanted to share!

Good luck all!!!


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Dogs3 said:
hey mjk, i like your attitude...At nw2, you should really see some solid results and at the very least youll keep what you have and thicken it up. Good luck, the studies show us that dutasteride is the best pill weve got at the moment.

What studies are those? Dutasteride is still a big mystery to me. Sure, it is more effective in eliminating DHT than finasteride, but is it any better in preserving/regrowing hair? I haven't seen that many dutasteride success stories and replies to this thread have been less than enthusiastic - with the exception of mjk450 and dogs3.

I'm a finasteride user but I'll keep an eye on this thread, this is an important question.


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how many years you were on dutasteride
-I am at my one year mark

progress (includes maintaining),
The crown did maintain during this time , with some improvement.
Not really sure about the progress because I didn't take good enough pics :(
Both pics were taken with the same cam and same flash , but on the newer pic my hair texture seems different ...I guess due to aggressive combing or greasyness.

The front shedded quite a bit at the 6month mark , similar to slartibartfast's story
but is slowly recovering to baseline
(I started to use minoxidil at the 10 month mark , just on a small spot at the right temple to compare it to the other)

dosage (.5 daily? 5. EOD, weekly, 2.5 etc...)
0.5 daily the whole time , no variations at all

age when started
- 27

Norwood-Hamilton pattern before you started
- NW2 diffuse receding at the front , V shape and with added diffusing behind hairline
- whole crown area thinning , scalp started to show at the center , see picture.

Overall feeling: Positive or Negative?
Not quite sure yet , on one hand the crown seems positive to me , but on the other I will have to wait a couple months and have a close eye at my front .
Side Affects (if applicable)
I did not notice any side effects at all , everything stayed exactly the same
No libido change , no hyperandrogenity signs whatsoever
(and I'm using pharmacy bought Avodart , quite sure I'm not using fakes)

Additional treatments you were using during this time
On the Crown none.
(But I started to use minoxidil at the 10 month mark , just on a small spot at the right temple to compare it to the other , don't have any pics of my hairline though)


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Your crown looks way better! Congrats, can't even tell anymore!

Got any pics of the front?


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been on dutasteride for 16 months, it has worked better than finasteride. I was about Norwood 2 before starting meds. I took propecia for a year and it really helped. I read all about dutasteride and realized it was better than finasteride so i added it, i take .5 dutasteride daily and 1mg finasteride about 2-3 times a week.

dutasteride has given me slightly thicker hair and maybe a bit better regrowth than finasteride did, but nothing drastically different. The main thing is i hope dutasteride will maintain my hair longer than finasteride could. Im happy with it, no sides and i hope it keeps working.


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i, Ive seen most of the pepole are in NW3~4 they had oily scalp. because when dht produce gets aggressive so more sebum in your head .

just take look at success thread all pepole will have a oily head or a shine head..
once the oil is gone for one month from that month onwards they will see a regrowth example just take people from success threas like

2.sky line GTR.

peoples reduced their oil scalp after that only they having regrowth.

just look at the pics...because of dutastride or dutas............ :bravo:


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benn on dutasteride for 4 months and my hairline is geting better. i started rum about this time as well


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TheGrayMan2001 said:
I've been on generic dutasteride since October 2011. Only got worse.

Are you back on finasteride now? I had a pretty big shed on dutasteride but I don't if it made my hair worse. I switched back to finasteride 6-7 months ago and my hairs been basically the same. Who knows though maybe if I had stayed on dutasteride my hair loss could be worse.