Dutasteride Mesotherapy Updates & Advice Needed


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Hi guys, going to keep this short and simple.

23, been losing since 18 (diffuse thinner). finasteride, minoxidil and microneedling helped preserve a lot until around the 22 mark where I started to lose ground again.

Managed to find a clinic in the UK that offered dutasteride meso to which I considered would be a great adjunct treatment to my regimen. After the first 2 injections, I noticed a crazy improvement in terms of density but noticed that my hairline is becoming progressively worse following these treatments. It seems like my minaturisation is continuining and that the right side has completely caved in compared to what it was pre-treatments.

I've just included fluridil in my stack as a TAA to combat localised test but I'm not sure whether I should continue with the dutasteride mesotherapy or not. The DR is useless with advice so I've been left to resort to my own devices. It's most definitely thickened up the mid and vertex but like I mention, I continue to see loss at the temples despite also being on oral finasteride. I'm tempted to switch out the dutasteride meso for pyri in the expectation of being able to preserve my gains with finasteride, pyri, min etc. Also looking to secure cosmeRNA once that comes out.

Pics on my current state are included. Recently just started microneedling again after a long break so hoping that can help the problematic areas.


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I would use a stronger AA (i.e. spironolactone or RU) just at the hairline and continue with the dutasteride mesotherapy.