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Dr Chan vs Dr Woods

Same procedure, done twice

Hello I’m Daniel, I would like to provide my experiences regarding two identical FUE hair transplants I had in 2018 and 2019.

In 2018 I attended Dr Chan Sydney surgery where he carried out within a single day, a 1000 FUE procedure for my temple and front areas, with donor grafts from the back of my head. I also requested four beard hair area donor grafts be transplanted to my temple area as a test sample to see how they grow for future operations, if my donor area at the back of my head every becomes low. Post operation I attended Dr Chan surgery on several occasions for follow ups and PRP therapy. Post 6 months I sent Dr Chan an email with a progress photo, as realistically the only growth I could see was the four beard hairs samples and nothing from the 1000 head grafts transplanted to the temple/front areas. I received an email back essentially referring to the progress section on post care. Dr Chan website does state to wait a year before judging a hair transplant procedure. At approximately 12 months I still could not realistically see any new growth in the temple/front areas compared to the pre surgery photos, beside the 4 beard hairs. The operation was deemed final result. The four beard hairs grafts were manually implanted.

Recently Dr Chan was served a letter of demand. To date his only response essentially was ‘I have passed on your letter to my medical defence organisation for them to investigate your claim and get back to you directly’. Dr Chan also was given an opportunity via email to provide his opinion in writing of my results or any thing else relevant, I also requested details from Dr Chan on his methods and tools he used, video of the 1000 graft being implanted and how he managed to implant 1000 grafts in a single day. Still no reply. In fairness I intend to update reviews with any response or statement if Dr Chan ever provides one.

Approximately a year after the above procedure I attended Dr Woods Sydney surgery to have the same 1000 FUE procedure Dr Chan did redone, but without four sample donor beard grafts. All 1000 donor grafts were from the back of my head. I personally witnessed and counted via a monitor the 1000 grafts I paid for being implanted by Dr Woods, intact manually one by one. Dr woods procedure was over two long full days. The photo taken approximately a year later post surgery, speaks for it self. I requested details from Dr woods, regarding my procedure including method, tools used and his opinion on my results, which he transparently provided. Dr Woods successfully restored my temple and front hair area to a density I am happy with and my scalp can no longer easily be seen under bright lights. I believe almost every graft Dr Woods transfered has grown hair.

Within the confines of the law, I intend to launch some new websites with a detailed review of both surgeons procedures, which will include 200+ images, videos, detailed comments, invoices, proof of procedures and responses. I have also set aside $100K for billboard advertising of my results and intend to legally place mobile billboards within close proximity of the both Doctors surgeries, displaying before, progress and after photos. I also intend to contact Australia’s Channel nine television program A Current Affairs, to invite them to do a story on both my surgery procedures.

Thank you for reading my experiences.


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Have you had further treatment s done with dr woods. I m considering contacting him.