Dr. Anil Kumar Garg - Amazing results?

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I was just browsing and came across this paper:

It's from an Indian Doctor that provides hair transplant's with mostly scalp and beard hair. Nothing special here, but I find the result-pics quite impressive. F.i. case 3: a guy with nw6 and basically only some terminal hair left. With around 3k scalp and 2k beard grafts the result looks good and dense. I reckon that he works on Indian people, who might have thicker and wavier hair naturally, but still it looks remarkable.

He also has a YouTube-channel:

Unfortunately, many video's lack descriptives, such a number and type of grafts used and no video footage, just photo's, which can be misleading to to combovers.

But still, he results in the paper do surprise me. Genuinely good results or some form or trickery?