Does topical finasteride work for women? Pls help!


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I apologise for posting on the men forum I just really need your help!!! I am not getting answers from anywhere else.

25 year old female with Androgenetic Alopecia. Been in denial for two years, no history of balding in my family. Even my grandparents have more hair than me so I refused to believe I had hair thinning but it was confirmed by a derm a week ago.

I was prescribed 50mg of spironolactone to be slowly increased to 200mg but my derm wants to stop it as I feel very very tired from it and get terrible stomach cramps. He wants to be to take topical finasteride instead. But will it really help women? The dosage of finasteride for women is 5mg that’s 5 times more than men’s dosage. I am having doubts whether topical finasteride will be as effective.

Is spironolactone my only good option? Because if yes then I guess I’ll suck up and deal with the tiredness and cramps. I just feel so lost. I am already using minoxidil once a day and he said I have FPHL grade 1+ idk what that means.

please help me out!