Does anyone have any experience with Capilclinic Mexico?


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I just had a consultation with Dr. Gianna at Capilclinic Mexico. I was very impressed with the consultation and the attentiveness from the staff thus far in answering my questions. This was the first time I’ve had someone listen to what it was that I wanted to do rather than tell me what I needed to do. I have very realistic expectations. I’m not looking for some sort of miracle to be performed. Dr. Gianna was very fair in her recommendations and set a very clear and real expectation for a 5000 graft transplant for my particular needs. I really appreciated that approach. I’m now leaning in the direction of having my procedure done through Capilclinic Mexico. But, before I move any further in that direction, I wanted to see if anyone else out there may have had any experience with Capilclinic Mexico or with Dr. Diego Valdez? I’m interested in any feedback or experiences any of you may have.

Thank you in advance.
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