Does any man ever truly escape hair loss/ balding?


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I have to disagree with that. :) Stern has had the same hair since he was a teenager and never had any signs of balding.

Why do you think he wears a wig?
His hair has somehow gotten darker and thicker as time goes on. His father is completely bald. Howard is incredibly vain and thats fine! He has a full time stylist in Ralph. I bet Howard has a montage of transplants, extensions and wigs.


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Dutasteride should only be used if finasteride doesn't work IMO. Even then, you should think very carefully about whether it's worth it. The possibility of side effects are far greater with dutasteride

**** I am taking meds for something entirely unrelated to hair loss thats starting to make me lose some of my memory! Some sensitive breast tissue is NOTHING!


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I kid you not a guy that is Norwood 0 at like 40 if he dyed his hair could probably pass for being like 21. I know a guy that on his 40th birthday said his daughters friend thought he was 19 and he basically was Norwood 0 so I guess the mature hairline term everyone uses missed that guy. He had zero facial hair too which seems to be a big coincidence with a lot of guys with no hair loss at older ages. The whole bad point of male pattern baldness is looking older so a Norwood 0 makes you look younger so I fail to see the downside and I personally think it looks a lot better then a Norwood 2 guy that looks like he is on his way to going bald

Breaking Bald

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God what a ****ing prick Howard Stern is, I can't ****ing stand him!!!!! Vain, ignorant, immature, stupid twat!!!! Would be better if he dropped dead. Just avoiding the questions and coming back with ridiculous come backs.