Do you recommend using minoxidil over the entirety of your head daily and not just the front? even if its wasteful


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I mean it's pretty wasteful. I'm new honestly and idk if I am doing this quite right.

Should I be in the mindframe that (yeah I'm balding but I am happy I even got some hair so I am gonna keep growing it) so basically preserving every hair like it's my treasure no matter how much minoxidil I waste?


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I use it all over the top of the scalp as crown was gone and top was starting to diffuse thin quite badly. Now crown and top are thick and I doubt it's just the finasteride alone that did it. It does get more tricky spreading half a cap full where there is hair as the hair soaks much of it up, need to really make sure it's getting to the scalp. I found when I shaved my head starting it for the first time, I needed much less to work with.