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Do You Need To Take Blood Tests While On finasteride Or Not?

Discussion in 'Dealing with Side Effects' started by Funkymonk1, Dec 12, 2017.

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    Jul 6, 2015
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    This seems to be another one of those finasteride grey areas. I've read that it's essential to get blood tests done before you start finasteride and then as often as every 3 months. I've also read articles from actual doctors saying blood tests arn't essential unless you start to get certain sides.
    I've been on finasteride nearly 2 years now with positive results but I'm a little concerned because I've never had blood tests done before or during this time. I'm thinking of speaking to my doctor tomorrow to see what she thinks but I don't want to waste her time.
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    You are of the normal-lucky ones who don't have sides. Well I have sides as well as others. There is no point on doing a check on yourself since your hormonal levels are already altered. If you want to be sure just maybe check your sperm quality if you are planning to conceive in the near future. Stay strong.

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