Diy topical finasteride not doing anything?


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Hi all,

Spent a month on oral finasteride, started at a low dose with the intention of increasing it over time. I was hit with brain fog after a week, I cut my dose but still suffered cognitive problems, also developed watery semen and reduced libido. After a month I stopped.

I then decided to make my own topical finasteride.

Current recipe is-

5ml propolyne glycol
5ml 96% ethanol
2ml distilled water
2 crushed 1mg finasteride tablets

Crush tablets, add to solution and shake for a good few minutes then leave for a few hours before using.

Apply 2ml to scalp every night which equates to 1/3 mg finasteride each time. This is way more than the 1/6th of a finasteride pill I was taking every second day which was causing brainfog.

Prior to oral finasteride I experienced a lot of itching and scalp inflammation where I was thinning, this was stopped at a stroke when I started finasteride.

Since switching to topical the itch has returned, I also have no side effects whatsoever, which is good but makes me think this is not absorbing.

You could argue its the ethanol or pg that is making my head itch but it feels exactly the same as the itch I had pre oral finasteride.

I'm wondering if crushing pills to make topical finasteride is legit as I have a feeling its not working.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading