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Dhi Technique Different Than Micro Fue?

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants Information - General Discussions' started by Hectoki, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Hello all,

    i have just joined the forum as i am considering to get hair implants in Turkey.

    So far i have checked the following clinics:

    Anatomica: The reason i have looked into this clinic is because a person i know when to this clinic and the results are good. I sent them pictures and they came back saying that because my hair is thin they will be able to extract only between 2000 and 2500 grafts from the donor area. Price 1800 Eur.

    Maral Hair Klinik: The reason i looked into this clinic is because i saw the name of the doctor (Dr. Tugrul Maral) in some forums and people talked good about him so i contacted them and send the same pictures i sent to Anatomica.
    They came saying i have grade 3a-vertes type hair loss over front parts and top-crown areas. Also he said the donor area looks good as i have favorable ratio for donor areas to hair loss areas. i will require 2500-3000 grafts as rude estimation. Price 2,100 Eur.

    Both clinics stated they do MicroFue.

    While digging on the internet i came across with Natural Hair Turkey and their website says they use DHI technique. Is this different than MicroFue?


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