Derminator 2 Help Please On A Few User Details


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Hi All,

So I have a derminator 2 but havent used it yet- just started digging in and it seems a bit complicated. Im just wondering if there is a thread or post in specific that covers the specific tool and methodology.

Im aware of the nice large micro needling thread and probably should re read the whole thing.
Im assuming 1.5 mm, and fast, but am somewhat confused about the area covered feature.

I have 12 needle cartridges.

My thoughts now are 1.5 mm depth, fast speed, trying to get coverage as best I can based on what Ive seen on videos posted. It seems possible to do the whole scalp in about 5 minutes this way- is that accurate??

I am also considering every two weeks..

Thanks for any guidance.
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Ivo Shandor

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