Dealing With Hair Loss At 30 What To Do


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Ive always had hairloss issues even in my 20s. But when i look at both sides of my family. Im the only one losing hair . so how tf is this fair. I feel like my teens and 20s were stolen from me. I stopped caring about my hygiene and everything cause of my hair. Now looking back if i woulda taken steps to get ahead of it maybe things would be different. Idk what to do anymore it really is depressing i spend hours reading about hairloss hoping to find something.


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Idk what to say dude, you either take finasteride or dutasteride and minoxidil with a dermaroller and hope for the best, or you get a hair transplant or shave it off and move on. I don't want to sound harsh but i think it's better to keep it real. As for not taking care of yourself because of hair it's a clear sign of depression and you should try to treat that also.

You are not your hair, you are you with hair or without it and don't let it destroy you, your mental health or life, you are not alone and it's starting to be more and more common for young people also, some don't even make it at 30 with a full head of hair...

Whatever you chose to do, don't let it control your life, you only have one, hairless or with a full head of hair, we are all gonna end up in the same place one day anyways... Be smart and mature, you are old enough to understand that. Good luck and take care...