Dandruff and hair loss

Edwin N Marlin

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this one is any-girl problem!
i had same problem and i usually use Head & Sholder too.. but it seems not good for my hair as well, it induced more hair loss. But since i regurally give vitamin and doing hair mask, i get no more hair loss again. Maybe you could try my tips :)

by the way about bold spot, have you ever heard about hair building fiber? it's an instant hair product that could help thickening your hair, just in case you can't stand the bold spot.

Shanaya Sharma

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I have been through the same hair loss problem, and I was stumbling around all the hair specialist in my town. But then at the end, I visited a clinic called Aesthetica Aesthetic & Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. the hair specialist over their explained to me why exactly I was having facing hair loss after running some tests. Then I went for a treatment called Multivitamins Medication as I was having a deficiency of some essential nutrients.

Michele J.Taylor

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Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes flakes of skin to appear. it may be more visible if a person does not wash or brush their hair often.

Dandruff is a common condition, but it can be embarrassing and difficult to treat, washing, and brushing the hair can help remove old skin flakes.
Various treatments are available over the counter, but more severe cases should be seen by a doctor.
Shampoos that are sulfate and paraben-free actually keep the hair moisturized. Moisturized hair is less prone to breakage and split ends.
Sulfate may have the ability to get rid of oil and dirt but recent studies have found that it is toxic and carcinogenic. Sulfate has been found to be one of the key culprits of hair loss and thinning hair.

Generally, I use Pai-Shau (Tea Infused Haircare) "chemical-free shampoo" this clarifying shampoo maintains the balance of your scalp to combat dryness,
itchiness and dandruff that can be associated with hormones,
it leaves behind an energizing zing to start your (good hair) day on a high note.


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My name is Kelly and I am a 22 year old girl- When I was 15 I had a bald spot (alopecia)form on the top of my head, but I applied some lotion that my medical doctor prescibed and my hair grew back. Then when I started College 5 years ago, I observed a gradual amount of hair loss. Then 3 years ago I started applying a hair straightener and that induced more hair loss. Then last year I got my hair substance straightened.. But now- I have ended applying the straightening iron for the past 4-5 months, the chemical sorted part of my hair grew out- so I trim my hair short- But I still continue to lose hair!!! When my hair is wet, you can view that my hair is thin in the front middle of my head.

My mom has also experienced hair loss- but I think that has to do with the menopause. My sister is also suffering from a great amount of hair loss- but she has never applied a hair straightner or done anything chemically to her hair except wash it with shampoo.

I have observed an maximize in dandruff- it forms in large spots on my head. I have been using Head and Shoulders- but that appears to only make the dandruff more visible.

I understand that this is a very long post- but I am going out of my mind- hair is an important thing for any girl!
Using my experiences let me share with you what I did when I had both the issue. I facing dandruff problem only in winter but hair loss is a constant problem for the last few years.

For Dandruff:

  • You can use any "medicated" dandruff shampoo once or twice a week for a few weeks till the problem is resolved. Discontinue after problem is resolved.
  • If you want to go the natural way, you can use Neem oil. Massage the oil well on your scalp.
For Hair Fall:

This one is a bit tricky... What I did was, first i tried to figure out the cause of the hair fall. My diet was ok, I went to a doctor and there was no medical condition for the hair fall as well. The water I was using for washing hair was not hard and nor was I in any stress which would have triggered the issue.

The I researched oils which I could combine and use for my hair fall and why stop there. My hair was thinning from the front and I wanted them to make them thick again and also a hair oil which would boost hair growth.

Below is the best combination I came up with.

  1. Coconut oil - (Extra Virgin) Is an Antioxidant which provides protein to the hair, prevents it from getting weak and seals in the moisture. Also helps block sun's harmful UV rays to some extent.
  2. Almond oil - Provides nutrients to hair follicles and helps in blood flow to the scalp. Helps in reducing hair fall and split ends.
  3. Castor oil - Helps make dark and prevents premature greying. As the oil is thick, it conditions the hair as well.
  4. Jojoba oil - Anti-fungal, unclogs pores, and also helps in dandruff.
  5. Vitamin E - Provides antioxidants, Keratin strength, and reduces fizz. Keeps scalp younger and healthier.
  6. Olive oil - (Extra Virgin) Helps counter DHT which causes male pattern baldness. Helps in treating dry and damaged hair. Will help make hair shine and become soft and smooth.