Convince me to start taking finasteride. Questions, concerns


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32 years old. Have had some thinning and receding of my hair. Started noticing it a few years back. Hasn't gotten much worse and if it stayed like it is now I honestly wouldn't be upset up it. Hence why I would like to try finasteride 1 mg a day. Already have it on hand but have not pulled the trigger yet due to worrying about sides and lower dht. I am on self prescribed trt by the way as well.

Few of my concerns.

1. Obviously the sexual and libido sides. I know a small percentage of people say they get it but still worries me.

2. Lowering dht even though you don't have sides can't be good. I just can't comprehend how lowering something like dht besides for your hair and prostate can be beneficial to you as a man. It's what gives us our aggression, our manliness, drive. Lowering it just makes obvious sense that it's not good.

3. Concerns about body and the gym. I've taken dht derivatives I'm the past such as masteron and such to give me that hard less watery look. So by lowering it isn't it gonna make me soft and hold more fat?

4. Fertility and semen. Known to lower sperm count and defects in sperm. You have to come off when conceiving. Currently have baby on way and want more in future so definitely a concern for me. Especially when guys say I got no sides but get ball ache the first week. How could that ever be good!?

Thanks for listening guys just want to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!


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I wouldn't advice you taking it if you have plans on having kids, especially one on the way. And don't wanna come off as a negative person, but I think losing hair is far less of a concern now, if you'll be having kids. They should be your priority now rather than looks if I'm being honest and put the majority of your concern and prioritize them rather than fighting a "battle" that you'll eventually lose in time. I know the frustration of having dealt with hairloss for I've been dealing with it for almost a decade, but if you have a family now, I think it's best to put all those energy to something more productive and more meaningful things in life like raising your kids well.

If anything, you can always use stuff like hair fibers if you have to attend occasions or life events and you feel uneasy having a thinning hair. It's very handy and very easy and safe to use. That's what at least worked for me. Best of luck


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I'd wait until the baby is born if you are going to take it. For me the stress of kids accelerated my hair loss to a point where I was desperate and the 10 years holding off on finasteride broke. I've lost track how long I've been on it, but around 5 months I think. In the first months my libido dropped and there were days where the chap was cold and a bit numb. So instead of every day I took it every other day and it was a massive improvement. Sex drive back to normal and erections actually better than before finasteride. Not noticed any mental or physically changes. It's just one of those things that you try and if you have bad sides then you stop.
If you decide to have more kids there is a safe period where you can stop, get it out of your system and try, one of the hairloss show videos explains it more. Though as Joe said the kids health is more important, so that comes first. If the hair isn't so bad maybe consider taking it after having all your kids. I only took it when things got bad. Rogaine grew back a fair bit of it.


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I am thinking about it too, very interesting. I have been looking for some good and working Hair loss treatment products for women recently, and I would appreciate any input on it here. Please let me know what you think about it and good luck!
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