Contant Hypotension - Minoxidil ( + Dutas + Spironolactone) - Any Suggestions?


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I'm on oral spironolactone 200mg + dutasteride 1.5mg for 6 years, trying to start topical minoxidil (5%) due to excessive hair loss during the past year (I guess my old regimen lost some of its effectiveness, I also suspect long COVID-19 effect, rather chronic - got the last Covid a year ago, it messed with my body, never got entirely over it).
This addition of minoxidil drives a low blood pressure that makes me mildly dizzy and numb.

Would taking hypotension medicine help, or would it contradict minoxidil effectiveness?

Got any tips / suggestions / general ideas* ?

(*Except for dropping the spironolactone. I can't, without it I get seborrheic dermatitis which leads to terminal hair loss. So I'm castrated by choice. )
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