Considering A Chest To Scalp Transplant

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After 2 larger (2500-3000 grafts per) failed (minimal growth) transplants with another well-known surgeon, I very smartly went to Dr. Konior. We performed 2 smaller (300-500 grafts) sessions and I got noticeable growth from them, which I'm very pleased with.

That said, I'm now at the point where I desire to have another procedure, but I wouldn't feel very comfortable with taking more hair from the sides of my head without feeling over-harvested.

My beard hair texture is nothing like that of my scalp, however, my chest hair seems to be a fairly close match.

I'm considering doing a 2,000 graft strictly-chest session. I've been searching high and low and haven't found many examples of a pure chest->scalp procedure to get a better understanding of expected results.

Given the recipient type, I'm slightly hesitant due to lack of knowledge. My crown is visually the weakest area, but I'd want the rest to also be assessed to disperse the grafts appropriately as to not go through another txp again after this.

Any advice / examples would be wonderful.

Harsh light photo attached
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Avoid chest. It is hard to yield and also leaves scarring on chest. I had some with Dr Umar.

In any case, my situation seems worse off now. Repairs did not yield satisfactory and i am trying to get out of this situation as it is very detrimental.

Maybe Dr Mwamba or Dr ******** may have good explanations to how to use chest hair? It may be worthwhile getting multiple opinions on this.

Also, there are reservations with continuing finasteride if you have body hairs transplanted. Some docs will say you can’t use those meds again.

best of luck on your journey