Chronic Telogen Effluvium - 8 Year Old Girl - Any Advice??


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Hi Folks
My little girl has suffered from this since aged 3 and has attended hospital and been diagnosed with various hair conditions but for the past few years this one has been officially diagnosed. As you will all know there is nothing much out there medically that can be done for this condition. She has had steroids a few times to boost her immune system as she catches everything going. We have also tried various shampoos to no avail. She's getting to the age where it is really beginning to affect her more emotionally and it is so hard watching your little girl cry and compare herself to others with more hair. Her hair doesn't grow much and has never been great, even outwith shedding, more like fluff. Is there any advice anyone can offer ie:, vitamins, foods to eat, hair accessories, anything really. We try so hard to boost her confidence but in this current world unfortunately beauty is how you look and not so much what's inside, well to little girls anyway. Thanks for any advice whatsoever.