Can I Use Loniten "minoxidil"oral Tablets On Days Where I Want Clean Hair?


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Okay I'm overusing 5% Minoxidil and I apply 2 ml morning and night because 1 ml isn't enough and does nothing basically but 2 mls get absorbed systematically and I'm having a bit excessive body hair which I'm fine with as I wax and thread my way out of it. Anyways there are days when I straighten my hair and I would love to keep it like that for a few days, would it be okay to take loniten 5 mg on those days? I mean I'm using 4 mls daily which have 200 mgs of Minoxidil so I think at least 5 mg or more are being absorbed to my blood, and I would usually straighten my hair every maybe two weeks so I would be using the tablets 4-6 days per month, what are your thoughts?


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I dont know if oral is better or the same of topical, but better than nothing it is. However i think if you skip 1 dose a week wont do any difference.

When minoxidil is used topically only 1,4% is absorbed into the bloodstream. It means 4 ml = 2,8mg


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5mg of loniten is infinitely more powerful then 4mls of topical. I would stay away from it, it's only to be used as a last resort in my opinion.

I actually just started taking loniten a few days ago, but in my defense my blood pressure is actually a bit high so it's a win-win situation.

Taking loniten without needing it is a recipe for disaster. I don't want to say it has the potential to kill you, but it will damage your heart.