Best Doctors (Worldwide) for a 7k USD Budget?


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I was set to get a hair transplant with Armamed/Demirsoy because I liked their results for their price (6500 USD) but after taking another look at it I'm feeling a bit skeptical. It's taken me almost 2 years to save this money...

I'm roughly a diffuse NW5? I've been on dutasteride/Min for almost a 1.5 years and RU for about 5 months. Microneedling and Keto shampoo inconsistently since the beginning.

This is my starting point in October~ 2020.

Beneath was me around August-September of 2021
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I'm thinning a bit more in those red areas than you can tell.

Beneath was me in Dec. 2021 (7 months ago)
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My hair has thickened up some since, but it's very slow. Currently my hair is too short for a good reference (it's cheaper on topicals when it's short).

My hair transplant history is 2 terrible FUT procedures in the US. They both share one incision. The first was poorly done by a fake Doctor, the second was done by a famous "good" Doctor but none of the hair even grew. I have excellent donor area.

TL;DR - Look for tips on good doctors around a $7,000 USD budget. I can go a little over. I've had horrible luck in the US so I'm definitely willing to travel to Turkey or somewhere else if need be.


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Where do you want the transplant anyway? Or do you mean to stop the medications? Because you have a full head of hair now albeit a bit thinning