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Ashwahandha Helped With Sexual Sides For Me.

Discussion in 'Dealing with Side Effects' started by vvvazvvv, Nov 27, 2017.

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    this is my first post ever, and sorry for my english it's not great.

    I'm using propecia for 1 one year, and i am still using at the moment. Like a lot of people i got some trouble with my erection (couldn't get it up etc). So i got some supplements (i thought maybe one would work) and i figured out that ashwagandha works great for me. I now really can get an erection whenever i want (it is still not what is was before, but im 80%). that is totally different without ashwagandha.

    The question i have is: in what way is the ashwagandha working? i searched a lot about it.

    what i read: ashwagandha is a Gaba mimic. if that is the real deal, than i got my sides to a downregulation of allopregnanolone? but i don't get any mental sides. and how is it possible that a downregulation of allo can lead to erection dysfunction?

    In another thread i read ashwagandha raised testestorone with 40% !?

    So i really want to figure out in what way ashwagandha is working for me and i hope someone can help me with that. Or are there other people who got the some positive effect with ashwagandha?

    I apreacite it if anyone can help me!

    greetz vvvazvvv

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