Any LONG minoxidil use, that think minoxidil make his hairloss worst? will stop help? Long User (1year or more)


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Well due to headache, itchy and probable zero gains after years, its more, since i started minoxidil at 21, i have loss terrain, its overall thinning,
its rare since i have some relatives (no one bald at my age - 28 and just crown area and will be just 1 familiar, and he got it old like at 50) i have like 50m cousins, really big family, and no one have hair loss, older its like 40.

Just to put some backyard, the thing its that now that i think, since i started minoxidil 7 years ago, my hair in anytime improve, i have continue thining overall, i started minoxidil with minimal hairloss in the crown, and i got worst,

i am thinking minoxidil could be the reason, not sure, so really like to heard if someone have a similar experience, i have no relatives like ever completly bald, i think i am probable the most bald of my family history. even my father when i told him i was loosing hair say i was crazy, since never heard of him or his brother experience hairloss

so if someone that have been using minoxidil since longtime, that didnt regrowth or mantain, what happened when they dropped it?

i will still using 1mg, microneedling and others