Any Good Solution To When Bio Or System Hair Get Glued Stuck Under The System?


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My hair is quite long now. Already more than 6 inches I think and the system is something like that as well. It has made attaching more difficult, as there's hair on the way and in the eye all the time. And almost always I get like 10--15 hair stuck underneath the system. What do you do then? I tend to just pull them away as early as possible, but that too often leads to pulling the hair out of the scalp or the system too. Any trick how to remove more easily?

Mostly I am afraid of pulling the bio hair, because it takes lots of time to grow back to 6 inches and finally the border where my bio hair starts may perhaps start to look thin or somehow weird so maybe a horseshoe would form.



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Spray Isopropyl or similar and get comb the hairs out.

The glue will/should re-activate after 60 seconds or so.