Annoying Unscientific Hairsystem Parameters


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Everytime i try to buy a hair system on internet, the opitions to chose from are vague and somtimes meanigless.

Lets start with hair density for example: I have to chose between light, medium, dense, extra light, but what does it mean in real world?! why not use accurate hair density? hair/cm^2 or hair/inch^2 ?
same thing goes for hair color, its innacurate and every manufacturer has his own code, why?! Digital devices have specific binary code to every color, 24bit is 16,7 MILLIONS of color!! i'm sure they can find the right hair color in there.


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Hair pieces are not digital devices.

They're little wigs. It's not that complicated. Pick a color close to your own. If no such thing exists, dye your bio hair.

If you've been doing this since 2018, you should probably know the difference between the densities. They're pretty consistent.


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As there is no universal density scale, its important to go with a supplier that compares your density to their scale.
With colour, if you can provide a hair sample, it should match the final piece.