And A Peaking Of Curls...quick Question About Ordering A New System


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Have any of you ordered a curly hair system? (I’m not talking about curling it yourself with an iron.) Do the curls actually last for the life of the hair system, or do you have to get it professionally curled every once in a while? And is the upkeep harder? Does it get tangled/matted?

Just curious :) Thinking about a loose curl look. Thanks!


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Hi Zak,

If the curl is properly done, it's permanent. It should last the life of the system.

The upkeep is indeed harder, you need to take care not to let the system get matted... as the mair needs to be combed daily to prevent knots. You need to be careful not to blow out the curls when drying and let them dry naturally.

Of course it all depends on the length, the longer the hair, the more likely it is to tangle.