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Hello. this is my first time posting here. My name is Taylor. My daughter Amelia, 3 years old, has been losing patches of her hair for about 3 months now. About 2 weeks prior to first hair loss, Amelia was screaming and couldnt open her eyes. She kept saying my head hurts. She had a migraine. she complains about headaches occasionally since. One day, when she woke up, I noticed a huge rats nest in her hair. We all know what that is like lol. I begin to comb it out and the whole clump just came out with the first stroke. I didnt know what to think. I began to look thru her hair (but not real seriously, just a quick look, didnt see anything) and just thought maybe her dad hadnt combed thru her hair very well the past few day when I was working. Well, a couple days later the same thing happened. I did look a little more thoroughly then. I saw 3 smooth, bald patches on the back of her head towards the right side. I called her dr immediately. We went in. they did not do any bloodwork that day. They wanted to see her back in a month to check for any regrowth. You could see her follicles they said. We returned in a month. They did a full panel of bloodwork, they say came back okay with the exception of her being slightly anemic. We are going to a pediatric opthamologist this friday 1/15 and have her Dermatologist appointment the end of March (24th I think). Her hair is beginning to grow a little on its own. But about every week or so, she has a new patch. All are about dime to half dollar size. Some are circular, some are like a tear shape, others are more of a strip. Her hair is thinning so I am taking her to get it cut shorter because as long as it is now, Its going to look too thin soon. Also, she says "dont look at my hurting bald spot." When asked about where it hurts, she points to her head and says all over.