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Allen's Story (with Pics) - How Much

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by AllenA, Feb 26, 2018.

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    Hi All,

    Here is my story / timeline (a bit of a chronicle). I will try and update this post not only for others if I am successful but also for myself to keep track of everything. I'm not sure how far I can get but keeping my hopes up for now.

    Side note: my post is lengthy and I listed many questions which IMO is too much for 1 thread. They are however rhetorical and I do not expect an answer here. I will post some of them in other threads and then update this one with a summary of the answers. You are of course welcome to answer them here if you feel like it.


    - I am currently (2018) 41 years old
    - Had shoulder length hair < 2000.
    - Been buzzing my head every weekend since 2000 (early signs of balding and could no longer keep it long for work).
    - Never attempted to regrow hair before June 2017. Why now?
    - It was no longer important since I felt fine with buzz cut. But suddenly noticed how bad it is. Buzzed is a good look for me but it won't if I go to Norwood 6/7. OMG !!! So here we are...

    I mention the below with assumption of some correlation and for completeness. You may want to skip it.
    - Always had dandruff but never consistently treated it until very recently. Just washed/scrubbed it off in the past. I assume that if I treated earlier, I may have had a healthier scalp and less hair would have fallen out / suffocated.
    - I am not on any other drugs (and never have been except for recreational (not too much) ~20+ years ago).
    - ex-smoker: 1992 -> 2008
    - Vaping: 2008 -> today
    - Health: Overall good
    - Physical activity: Low - Running around with kids but no serious gym since 15 years ago
    - Physical Built: Ectomorph - Cannot gain a pound (reason for diet)
    - Diet: Lots of junk, not a care in the world - outside appearance remains the same (I won't pretend that my outside is reflected internally due to my diet but gives reason for carelessness in diet).

    Timeline of treatments
    The below list was started on that date and continued until today

    June 2017
    Minoxidil 5% foam 2 x per day (AM/PM). Apply 1.5 inch ball to the hairline, vertex and crown. Only missed very few applications in the beginning months.
    No proper Pic for comparison

    July 2017
    Crown has many completely bald spots.
    July 2017.JPG

    Dec 2017
    5 months later... looks promising with good vellus hair coverage. No other pics since previous one.
    Dec 2017.jpg

    Jan - 2018
    iRestore lllc - 4 times per week (Mon PM, Wed PM, Fri PM, Sun AM)

    iRestore products
    - Pills - 2 pills as directed in the AM
    iRestore 3-1 Growth Formula.png
    - Serum - every AM, applied to hairline and crown then apply Minoxidyl and rub it all in.
    iRestore Serum.png
    - Shampoo - 3 / wk
    iRestore Shapooo.png

    Jan-End 2018
    Derma Rolling (DR)
    - 0.25: 3/wk - after applying PM Minoxidyl
    - 0.5: 1/wk - temporarily used to prep scalp for 1.0 pain. Used only for 2 wks.
    - 1.0: 1/wk - Skip all topicals for next 12 hours. So, last topical would be from 12 hours ago and next one would be in 12 hours.

    Scalp massage - rubber brush - 10-15 min / 3 days. At least helps remove excess dandruff - hoping for blood circulation. Application is a bit painful on the days right after buzz due to lack of hair. Also application is more painful on the crown / hairline due to no hair. Maybe also due to unhealthy scalp in those areas.

    Feb-Mid 2018
    Nizoral 1% shampoo: 2/wk
    Apple Cider Vinegar: 1 / day full strength - stings a bit after applying - maybe due to delicate scalp / dandruff / redness / DR punctures? Hoping stinging will stop as scalp become healthier.

    Feb-End 2018
    Existing hair does feel much stronger.
    Vertex seems to have more coverage.
    But what happened to the vellus hairs on the crown / comparing to the Dec 2017 pic?
    Feb 2018.jpg
    Did the lllc cause them to shed? Will they regrow?

    First hairline pic - after DR 1.0
    First Side pic - what's with the hairless spot above the ear? Both sides. Started applying treatments there too.

    Scalp itching continues but milder - dandruff still there but much less.
    Scalp does feel much healthier however but not completely yet. Less pimples / redness / tenderness. No more dandruff patches.
    Dermarolling 1.0 hurts less and recovery (from pain) is faster: 2 days down to 1/2 day. I also feel more confident about the application.
    When hair is grown (just before next weekly buzz), feels really good and healthy. Maybe attributed to shampoo / Biotin ?
    Scalp massage with brush feels less harsh. Assuming scalp health is improving. Brush still new so cannot be attributed to brush deterioration.

    Thoughts / Potential next steps / Open Questions
    What Norwood am I? Hairline seems 2/3 based on side picture, Crown seems 4/5. Online Norwood scale pictures are slightly different. But who cares anyway. It is what it is.
    Seen many amazing success stories, what is my potential?
    Assumption that Minoxidil is working but DHT is still highly present even with the iRestore pills (Saw Palmetto) and the Nizoral. Maybe too early still for both?
    Do not want to add finasteride, yet!
    What about RU? Been reading lots on it.
    What about S5 Cream / Plus?
    Can DHT be removed from scalp locally with other topicals? Read some natural stories.
    More scalp deep massage for blood circulation?
    May need DR 1.5 to replace 1.0
    Cheaper / Better alternatives of the iRestore topical Products?
    May return lllc if no results before 6 months
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