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Aek Institute Dr Karadeniz - 5/3/18

Discussion in 'Hair Transplant & Doctors | Europe & Worldwide' started by Mr Stuart, Jan 23, 2018.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have booked in my 1st hair transplant, u-fue with Dr K at the AEK Institute in Istanbul on 5/3/18 and I can’t wait! I’m here to give a review on my experience and results for other people who may be considering a transplant and Dr K/ AEK in the future.

    A little about my hair situation. I am approaching 32 and been losing hair since I was 28. It started at the very centre of my hair line, slowly thinning until I could see scalp through the whispy hair, which I noticed in photos. No problem, I would pluck it so it wasn’t even noticeable. Then the temples started and the ‘M’ began to appear. Damn! Styling had to change to pull across the forehead instead of straight back which emphasised the thinning. Then came the double crown thinning, perhaps the worst. A double crown basically will try to join together making one big patch.

    Started the 'big 3' over a year and half ago and perhaps it has slowed the hair loss but has not stopped it and definitely zero regrowth. Also tried dutasteride a couple times but it makes my head burn, itch and the scalp/ hair feel dry which I very much associate to increased perm loss, at least in my personal experience. I've got my fingers crossed for being a 2 year responder, but not keeping hopes up. I sometimes feel the regime has done more harm than good.

    So fast forward to today. I am fed up with pulling my hair across my forehead to minimize the receded hairline and fed up with using a mirror to check that the patch looks as covered as possible every morning. Also fed up with stepping outside and the wind immediately making 15 mins of frustrated styling absolutely pointless. I would have been ok balding but had my mind not been changed by family and ex. I started to gradually cut my hair shorter across time so people wouldn’t notice, even telling people I am balding so their awareness was in my control rather than left for them to find out, but then the ex saw the balding and said she would dump me if I went bald – nice one! My fam also then commented and said I looked much nicer with longer hair, even though I explained why I was preparing for baldness, nice support there guys! So I grew it all longer again and now a shorter cut will show off the extent of my loss too much and I worry about the shock factor from people, something I was managing until my confidence was knocked.

    I have chosen AEK as Dr K is building a pretty good rep on the forums, his results look natural, he does U-FUE, only a short flight to Turkey from London Gatwick and he does all the work himself, I’m told. His front desk guy, Omer, has been very good at answering all of my questions and very quick to come back to me. To top this off, the price is also very good.

    I will do a pre and post op photo and a detailed account of how the day went. I will then do a few updates with photos on how the regrowth is going. I do still have plenty of hair and consider myself lucky especially compared to some of the poor younger sods on here, some in their twenties and lost it all – you poor poor chaps! I want to do this before it’s really noticeable and before my confidence has gone completely. I am of course, expecting further surgeries in the future since I will still gradual continue to bald between hairline and crown.

    Wish me luck. And to those that have also made the decision recently, or indeed made the decision and waiting for their ultimate result, I wish you best of luck too.

    'Mr Stuart'

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