Aa And Patchy Stubble - Advice Needed


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Hello there, everyone. I have a question or two, and I'm hoping that some of you lovely people will be able to offer some guidance.

Recently, I noticed that my stubble is looking increasingly patchy. Looking at certain areas (small hairloss spots and areas along the neck / jawline), I am really worried (terrified) that I have alopecia barbae. It is (potentially) devastating. It's like learning that I have hairloss all over again.

1) What would you recommend?
2) I've done lots of research (called GP, tried to schedule an appointment with local dermatologist) and it seems that I should look into steroid injections, add supplements to diet (Vitamin D, ginger juice). Anything else?
3) I've just read about Ruxolitnib. Is this still a thing? If so, does anyone know what stage it is at? I e-mailed Dr. Angela Christiano, but I'm guessing she is pretty busy!
4) Is there any chance that my hairloss (which I've always assumed was diffuse thinning) is alopecia-related

Please help, someone.