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A Quick Question To Lipogaine Users.

Discussion in 'Alopecia General Discussions' started by hwezdarik, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,

    Ordered my new 6 month supply of Lipogaine (minoxidil). The recent batch I have received is pale yellow almost transparent compared to those received before that looked cloudy yellow like a piss (just like most minoxidil solutions look like).

    Has anyone else received the "new" Lipoigaine and if so, we did you order it from ?
    I have got mine from minoxidilmax.

    Thanks for a prompt reply as I am trying to figure out if they changed the formula or what the hell is going on as I do not wanna find out in 6 months time that it ain't as effective as it used to be and would rather deal with it ASAP.

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