A Positive Post About My First Cut In


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Kind of :D

I had my first cut in yesterday, and whilst I've since discovered an issue with piece itself, I wanted to offer some positivity to newbies.

I was pretty anxious in the lead up, but my stylist was nice and put me at ease. Once I got the piece taped down, the whole thing began to feel a lot more ''real.'' Up to this point the idea of wearing seemed a bit fantastical, but now it feels much more realistic, achievable and exciting. Makes a big difference having a piece that resembles something, rather than a big mop of hair too. So, I still have a way to go, but I think wearing is about small steps, and it gets easier as you go along.


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Awesome. Mine was last week... totally UNREAL experience.

I look so different... I didn't believe it could happen.