a little confused....



Hello everyone, my name is Terri. I've had a mild form of alopecia areata for about ten years now, and although my condition has never really gotten out of control I've noticed lately that my spots have moved more towards the front of my head instead of the back where they've always been. The spots are still small, but there are more little spots than ever before. I can't tell if this is the beginning of a more severe episode, or if I'm just being paranoid. I guess I'm just confused as to what to look for, or if there even are specific signs to look for? How can you tell if Alopecia is worsening? If anyone can give me their story of how if feels, looks, etc...that would be helpful..Or, if someone can answer these questions...Does your hair thin out all over and then one day it's just gone? Does your hair turn grey first? Do the little spots always get worse or can they just hang out and do nothing? What treatment besides cortizone shots can you use that really works? Does cortizone affect your body eventually...joints, spine? Ahhh so many questions...so much time. T