8 yr old daughter lost a big patch of hair


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Just noticed last night this huge patch missing. I know it was there on Sunday, as I put her hair up to go out. I wash her hair and brush it every day, and have not noticed any thing unusual. She does tend to ave an itchy scalp. Doctor office said it can wait until tomorrow, as this s not an emergency. My daughter does is asking if it will grow back or more will fall out. I am freaking out myself. Any suggestions?

Charlotte BAMbeautiful

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I am sorry to hear your little one is suffering. Naturally taking her to the doctor, as she is a child, is the most important thing. However sometimes hair loss can be exacerbated by stress - Perhaps she has exams coming up? While you wait for an appointment just try to keep her as calm and relaxed as possible. My friend got a bit of a temporary bald patch with exam stress too. I'm sure it's not permeant. I wish you all the best getting this issue fixed :)