320mg saw palmetto extract daily, sides as bad as 1mg finasteride. Am i the only one ?


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First off, i do not suffer from panic anxiety and mental side effects. I am very reasonable and just commenting what im obsering with my body right now.

I took 320mg 90% extract saw palmetto for the last 4 years. My sexual health really took a hit in those last 4 years, steady but gradually. Im only 29 so of course i got older but not enough to have a sexual health of a 70 years old man.

My diest didnt change, very very active, no medication at all, no new stress in my life, no depression. I feel it can't really be something else than SP...

- very low libido

- sperm is watery

- very soft morning wood

- can an keep erection

- low sex drive..

BTW i dont watch p**rn. so yeah, can this dosage really be as strong as 1mg finasteride.

Regarding to my hair, at 24-25 i thought i would be bald by 30. 4-5 years later i went from norwood 2 to only 2.5 so i guess the pill did help !


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Exact same thing happened to me when I tried it years ago, you're not the only one.

The effect was actually quicker than with Finasteride side-effects somehow, it took 6 months on finasteride for me to experience sexual sides.
I took 500mg of Saw Palmetto daily for 2 days before I had finasteride like effects which went away after 3 days.